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Bulina - doamna batrana (the old lady)

Pe Bulina am preluat-o dupa ce am fost alertati ca in cartierul Gheorgheni este o femela pe punctul de a fata in strada - s-a dovedit ca era doar supra-ponderala. Au fost lipite afise in zona insa nimeni nu a revendicat-o (desi cu siguranta a avut stapan). Primele saptamani petrecute in adapost au fost foarte triste pt ea, dar acum a inceput - incet incet, ca o batranica rotunjoara sa iasa si sa socializeze cu ceilalti catei. In adapost a fost foarte greu sa ii oferim conditiile de care are nevoie (liniste, hrana speciala, de dieta) dar a avut norocul sa fie adoptata in Germania.

EN: We took Bulina after I was alerted that a female Gheorgheni district is about to face the street - turned out it was just over-weight. Posters were stuck in the area but no one claimed it (though definitely had master). The first weeks in the shelter were very sad for her, but now has begun - slowly, like an old lady rotunjoara to go out and socialize with other dogs. The shelter is very difficult to offer her terms that needs (quiet, special food, diet) - but she was lucky and got adopted in Germany.

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