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Catelusa MAMI gasita cu puii ei in Faget (a avut 10 pui ultimii 3 au murit de parvoviroza. Mami fost cipata si a primit primul vaccin si antirabicul si a fost sterilizata. A fost cazata o perioada la o pensiune cu plata, in lipsa spatiului, apoi a petrecut cateva luni in adapost .A avut norocul de a fi adoptata de o familie din Germania care a mai adoptat de la noi.

EN: MAMI found with her puppies in Faget (she had 10 chicks last three died of parvovirosis.) Mami was chipped and received the first vaccine and anti-rabbit and was sterilized It was accommodated for a time at a paid pension, in the absence of space, then he spent a few months in the shelter. He was lucky to be adopted by a German family who also adopted a puppy from us!

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